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Art Review Requests HERE!

Posted by JackDCurleo - March 19th, 2015

        Because of the severe lack actual critiques in the Art Portal for the past month or so I have taken on the task of providing in depth critiques on submissions. I have been met with almost entirely positive response form the authors of the random drawings I've chosen to critique, but there are a lot of artists I feel would greatly appreciate reviews and since my current system is fairly random I'd like to better promote requests for reviews. I welcome artists of any skill level, to leave in the comments or pm mea link  (or just the title since no HTML in the comments) to a  COMPLETED submission in the art portal of yours that you would like me to review. I leave very in depth reviews and critiques of art, so expect to read at absolute least one solid paragraph from me on it. 

       I will disect as many aspects of your art as I possibly can including areas of, overall composition, color choice, anatomy, mood, values, focus, flow etc, and give you advice on how to fix or strengthen any aspects in the imediate drawing as well as how you may be able to improve future drawings. I'll try to take into account your skill level as much as I can and give the most relevant feedback possible. I'm not going to bash you or your drawing, but I'm not going to sugar coat anything either, if something needs work, it needs work and I will be sure to let you know about it.  

      Also I recommend for further more immediate improvement on your studies to go check out the Art Workshop and for tutorials and some general knowledge to go check out the Art101 user page (currently under some construction but there is a lot of information there).

I look forward to reviewing your art!

Comments (17)

Hi there. I uhm heard you reviewed art and stuff. Well, it would be awesome if you told me what I could improve upon the most.

I would appreciate you passing by my profile and checking my work... I would like you reviewing every image I have, well only if that fits you of course... just keep in mind that your critique is welcome. Cheers ñ_ñ

Alright, I've looked through all of your stuff, right off the bat the thing that sticks out that you could fix easily is all of the hands posts. For one they're all huge, 4000 pixels X 4000 is absurdly large for anything much less things drawn in such a cartoony-straightforward style; in fact them being that size harms them a bit since if the audience sees them full scale they see all the imperfections in the linework and it breaks the smooth look you got for them (you should merge the lines or fills to get rid of that). I'd say the best thing to do with the hands is make them into a single compilation post, scale them down to like 500 X 500 if not smaller and just do maybe two posts with all of them, make one more and do six and six. As it is right now nobody wants to flip through eleven posts of essentially the same thing regardless of how good it may be.
Your tentacloid series has the same problem of each piece being very similar in terms composition and color, I think you should shoot for different poses and angles to get some more interest out of the concepts as they are right now they look like test images rather than final pieces. The floor and background on them being rendered in 3D does not do much to compliment the figures, I would recommend drawing it in in the same method you drew the creatures to give better unity within the pieces - this applies to the Carmine blob drawings as well. The second Carmine Blob is a cool design and concept, I think the armor bits could do with some better rendering though, right now they read as being the same material as the pink bits but a different color.
The old man broadcasting is probably my favorite of your pieces, its a very cool design and can do with some more love and refinement, right now the linework is transparent and really messy, messy is fine, but maybe go over it with some darker, more opaque lines to better define his form. Also his left hand appears to be backwards (our right). The linework issues apply to the mech worm as well, right now the worm and the background are very similar colors and values, making one or the other darker/lighter will help to differentiate them and give an over all better more clear image of what's going on.
Men are not gods is a cool creature design and I think the color choice is very well done as is the shading style, it definitely is a good sign of improvement from your earlier stuff, so keep on that track and you'll be good.
As for The Last Man and probably Cell Shaded Titan, you should get rid of those two. The Last Man is mostly a filtered image with some minor actual work from you, the art portal doesn't allow that and its lazy, make your own backgrounds. Taking inspiration from the photo is fine, but using it is very much frowned upon and against the rules. I couldn't find what the Titan was based off of but I definitely have suspicions that its a trace so if that's the case get rid of it, you won't get scouted if its in your gallery.
In closing you've got a lot of potential showing in bits and pieces in your art, I'd say work more on your fundamentals with regard to anatomy and color Art101.newgrounds.com has some tutorials and links that are helpful for that kind of stuff.
Beyond that I very much get the feeling that you using a digital medium is hindering some of your pieces, particularly your backgrounds having such a massive discrepancy with the figures in many of these. You appear to be using a vector program which is very difficult to start with especially with the kind of work you appear to want to be doing. I'm not saying its impossible, but its definitely much more difficult since you don't appear to be shooting fro a graphic style. Try photoshop, paintool SAI, gimp or some other raster program, you'll probably find them much more cooperative and get better results. Or pen and paper, that's cheap.
Hope this all helps in some way, its a lot to read, but that's what happens when you ask for a review of everything. If you want me to go indepth on ONE piece in particular let me know.

if you got any free time, would you please check on my artwork?
because even after i made my WIP thread, no one give some review about my artwork. any kind of feedback/review/critique from you would be appreciated :D

Alright well overall your work is quite good in a lot of places, I particularly like how dynamic and willing to experiment with perspective, angles and composition you are. It all definitely pays off in making everything interesting. you've got a good grasp on anatomy and work with a lot of poses. I don't really know what to do with anime though so I can't go too in depth on my much else. If there's a single piece you want me to do a full critique of link it because a general review at your level would take too much time for me to do.

My art is janky as shit, please tell me what I'm doing wrong.


Work on your manners.

This is one of my better pieces of artwork, and I enjoy critique; so if you feel like reviewing I would be most grateful. :)


I have been drawing for years now and im still quite young so my skill may not be the very best but I want to know what needs improvement in my art and I want an honest opinion, I only posted three submissions on newgrounds so far although I have tons of drawings I just don't feel like uploading, I have been drawing on paper until now, I have an intuos tablet so now im learning to draw with flash, manga studio etc, so id appreciate it if you would check out my art and tell me what you think. :)

Okay, since you didn't link to one specific piece I'm just going to do a more general review here.
Your two strongest drawings in my opinion are Shootout and Stoner Dude, the cartoony style in both of the characters is well executed and with some refining in the linework and for the stoner dude a background could do well as concept drawings for an actual show. I like the simple shading you're doing on them across the board. It's subtle but really adds a lot of character to them so definitely keep that up.
Across a few of the posted drawings you have the issue of characters floating in an empty void, particularly the stoner, Harry Tipper and the French lady, this is makes them look unfinished, luckily it doesn't take much to fix that issue. Just use some sort of framing device in a complimentary color in some solid shape behind them, or put a shadow underneath them to indicate a surface. Check out thepsychosheep's art he's one of the bests at making character drawings feel like full compositions.
With your drawings that are less cartoony some issues begin to pop up in anatomy and poses, the best way to practice is through quick studies from multiple references in a range of poses, sites like posemaniacs and pixelovely are great for this kind of practice. Also your communication of depth and dimension in your characters and the props they're holding could be improved through doing still life excersizes with random objects around your house as well as looking up perspective tutorials (art101.newgrounds.com).
Your coloring technique in your traditional works can use some refinement, right now the stroke marks are very apparent, and while that can definitely work in some cases and be used to create interesting textures, the way it is right now isn't communicating that. I'd recommend working in circles when doing fills rather than up and down, working faster with the strokes so the marker doesn't set and create the lines and/or doing longer strokes so you don't get the horizontal lines as well, work with it, experiment.
With your digital art I'd say if your looking to improve purely your drawing abilities maybe avoid vector based drawing programs. They kind of have their own set of rules and complicate the process because of the tools you're working with when using them. Raster is more the way to go for learning drawing digitally, but if you want to learn the program's that's great and by all means do it.
The biggest issue seems to be linework, the important thing to remember is longer confident strokes move your arm from the shoulder rather than the wrist and work faster your line will be much cleaner. That goes for traditional and digital.
Your drawing Harry Tipper needs the most work. The lines are sketch and all over the place, the shading on the pants is really soft around the edges and the blue is a bit too intense so it creates a pretty unpleasant effect. The bright green glow aura thing is really weird and detracts an otherwise pretty harmonious color pallet between the blues, brown, white and grey of the background, I'd recommend a big desaturated orange circle floating behind him to compliment his blue jacket and push him forward. Look up the basic color theory over at art101.newgrounds.com, colors are a whole wild world in their own right definitely check it out once you really start learning color doors open.
Overall you're in a good place, dude; while there's a lot to be worked on for sure you look to have a pretty good foundation and with some good practice and work you're work could really kick some ass. Make an art thread in the art forum to get some critiques and reviews from more of the community.

please review my art.
thanks, ian

So since you didn't link me to a specific submission I went through the four you have up and all i can really say is that it's all very basic. The best one is the portraits of a bunch of cats, but even on that there's not much to talk about, the colors are all nice as are the silhouettes, the picture could be way better though, that angle mixed with the cropping isn't doing you any favors, especially weird since it appears to be a digital drawing.
I'm fairly certain that Minecraft thing doesn't follow the art portal rules so you're best off deleting it. Anything made using assets or editing software from videogames, including Minecraft, Roblox, second life etc isn't allowed in the art portal.
The colorful colors drawing is pretty interesting, it's got a lot of potential, but right now looks unfinished, maybe filling in that white background with a gray or other neutral color tone could make it feel more complete. Also in the future try going for more solidity in your coloring, there are a lot of white gaps right now in some of the fills that bring down the overal quality. Also again the phot isn't as good as it could be, the top edges of the paper cutoff and make the table or whatever visible, getting an image perfectly lined up when using a camera is very difficult I am very aware, but you just gotta take a bunch and eventually one will line up fairly well.
For contrasting circles many of the same problems are present, including the solidity of the coloring and framing, the way the circle cuts off along the edges should be fixed. Circle/compostions rely heavily on balance and everything being in focus, having it cut off like that does the drawing a disservice. Again there's a lot of blank space in this one that could be filled to make a more complete look as well.
You're very clearly just starting out, so don't let any of the above get to you too much, as long as you stick with drawing and continually push yourself to improve you will get better. You're work right now in terms of actual content is all over the place and doesn't really have any direction as far as what you want to learn how to draw (ie characters, landscapes, etc) that I can discern. My advice would be to make an art thread in the art forum and tell us what your goals are then the community can better tailor critiques to steer you in the right direction.

If you want to, could you look at my stuff?

Are there any specific one's you'd like me to critique, or are you looking for a more general across the board sort of critique?

Whichever is more convenient for you.

I know I'm not terrible, but I do know I need work.

So, if you wanna generalize in a PM or review specific pieces, go for it.

If it's not too much (believe me, I've got a lot), could you please check out my gallery? How funny are my comics, which are your favorites, and is there anything that needs more work?


Um hi i was wondering if i could get a critique i don't know if i should go more traditional or digital and i would like to know what i should improve on thanks a bunch! ;)

Hello thanks for stopping by my art thread if you have time please review the below drawing and guide me how should I fulfill my dream of becoming a character animator {sorry if my language isn't or correct }

Hey I was wondering if you could review my artwork i'm new to Newgrounds so any comments would be much appreciated!

I have just recently started drawing and colouring on an ipad and would love feedback of my latest work.

If you get the time have a wee look.
All feedback really appreciated.

I've just started playing with colors so I'd like to see how I'm doing!

Being that you didn't request any specific submission to be reviewed I'm just going to respond here to a general overlook of your work. So far in your posted works that I've seen there isn't too much focus on pushing your colors.
Right now as is, the posts that are fully colored are perfectly functional, but are using very standard color choices - which really isn't a problem. They're easily readable and represent what the colors of each object is.
The ones like "Plank" and "Lyle Wraths" shade and highlight using what look to be darker and lighter versions of the base color respectively. Mixing a lighter yellow or a darker violet (Or any colors) with the bases to achieve a highlight or shadow can add interest and drama to a piece and create a greater sense of visual cohesion throughout the piece than just going for a darker green or darker red for shading.
For your piece "Witchhunt" I would say the same thing applies. The heavy blacks of the forest create a very strong style that the brightness of the characters' colors clash with in a bad way. This is more an issue with the saturation though, not the fact that they are colored. Toning down the saturation just will help them to feel more like a part of the scene, but still stand out. Also the guy hugging the tree is really good, having the foreground elements obscure characters a bit goes a long way to making them feel in the scene rather than 'on' the scene. I would say put some vines or brambles in the bottom right to obscure the other character.

There's a lot that goes into using color that I really cannot breakdown effectively in this review. but art101 has a pretty solid introduction to harmonies Here: https://art101.newgrounds.com/news/post/925448
Color theory is a massive can of worms to open, just keep diving in and experimenting, because each drawing/illustration/painting is a new lesson learned especially when it doesn't turn out great. If you have any further questions about color theory feel free to pm me or ask the art forum.
Hope this helped in some capacity!

@JackDCurleo Damn thanks for the solid critique! I noticed recently that the pure white in "Witchhunt" was a little to bright for the scene. I also checked the link and it provides fantastic information. I'll play around with colors more, and again, thanks a million <3

Hello. I would be really happy if you could check out my art, mainly the architecture model photos, and tell me what I could be doing better. I have 22 pieces, if you have time feel free to review a few. ^^