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Perception Crown Perception Crown

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Damn dude, those colors :D

landscape landscape

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very well done. Great use of color and varying up the tones in the distance and in the shadows it creates really good depth and keeps it very fun to look at, especially in portions of the clouds.
I think the foreground can be brought out a bit more, especially the plants on the right corner the top of the stalks sort of blend into the hillside a bit and the tall grass's yellow is very close the hillside as well.
The biggest issue I have with this is that its so small, I think in general a good size for submissions like this is a width between 700 pixels and 1500 pixels definitely no less than 700. That way it keeps all the detail and lets users fill their screens to really look at the drawing. Also a smaller personal issue for me is the visible spiral at the top, little things like that do have slight effects on the way drawings are viewed and judged, so just bit of cropping will help if you had the time, or to keep in mind for the future.
Keep up the great work!

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The Kind Spider The Kind Spider

Rated 3 / 5 stars

I like the design of your spider a lot on its own. Its nice, fun and playful, with the bright colors of the flowers harmonizing pretty well with the wires on the neutral tones of the spider's body itself. Your perspective looks pretty good as well. The edges do get a bit wonky though and the shading should have a bit more consistency since the actual body of the spider would be casting shadows on the legs to our left. also cylindrical shapes would have a shade darker after the brightest area of it unless its cast on the very very edge of the viewing angle which wouldn't be the case for every limb... those were nitpicks though.
What brings this guy down is that backgound. The stark white and blue don't complement the spider very well and the positioning of the spider on the canvas itself doesn't sell the strong outreaching perspective of the flowers in hand. I think a more square canvas and cropped in on the spider a bit more would help a lot with that. As for the background itself maybe a single neutral light color like tan would work and definitely a more organic cast shadow under the spider itself that isn't so black, but a darker shade of the background would help it.

either way great work man, fun little spider dude

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Hanging Skeleton Hanging Skeleton

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Rated 2 / 5 stars

I really like this design. I think its fairly well put together some of the edges and points where lines meet should be cleaned up a bitand there are some serious aliasing issues all around, but I still really enjoy the design and sharpness of the colors and fills as well as the forms displayed and can get past those previously mentioned issues.
What I can't get past is that big, fat, ugly-ass watermark over the whole thing. Putting your signature/web address on work is cool and great, but when done like this it really really really ruins a piece. Especially because its a graphic with limited colors and very simple. Fix that and this could be so much better.

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akosta3201 responds:

ok thanks

Boarder Colored Boarder Colored

Rated 3 / 5 stars

I like a lot of what's going on in this drawing, the perspective is great, the sense of motion as well as the sense of height is well captured, as is the feeling of sort of exploration. I like the deep red of the vest as well, but the colorink on his hair is unappealing to me and the choice to color in his skin maybe isn't the way to go with it. When working with a selective palett it's important to be very careful with the amount of colors, types of colors, and where you put said colors. Red, especially the Reds you've chosen are very intense and usually do well with black and white, that pale skin tone however is too close to white to function well in this sort of palett, if you were to color it all in it would work fine I'm sure. I think the red would also be very well suited as an accent color on his board to not only give it a greater presence but also show that it's the guy's board and he's super into hover-shredding.
Last point on this, that knife thing isn't working. Even with the red it gets lost. The way it lines up with the board and his thigh coupled with the prominence of his apparently open hand and an awkward perspective on it makes me ignore it. If this is a digital piece ore if you're coloring it digitally I'd recommend putting it in his other hand. It would have a greater presence as a clearly defined object because it wouldn't be competing with the character for attention. Hope this helped in some capacity.

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Homunc responds:

I appreciate the feedback! I'm trying to figure out my palette for my style, and I totally agree with the weapon as it was one of the last things I implemented into the drawing and immediately wanted to remove it. Unfortunately I drew the whole picture in pen so that was a no can-do haha.


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Dude, this is some of the realest shit I've ever seen.

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Monster(4) Monster(4)

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Really cool concept and design on this one, with more time taken for refinement I'd say you're on to something great. The spines get a bit loose and the grey tone along the mid thigh, and top of the lower back could use some shading, right now that solid plane suggests flatness when the area is very rounded. Also try tweaking the foot placement, as it right now they don't look grounded. The back foot Reaches lower on the page (read:closer to us) than the front one which is responsible for the grounding issue. Also the blacked out feet could be rendered, but if you did a refined version I'm sure that would come.
Also this part is just a personal suggestion, I'd lose the tusks, there's enough going on in the design that I think it won't feel like it's missing anything without them. Something to consider maybe, maybe not. Anyway cool design, I'd like to see it fully realized good job either way.

Coolkitten13 responds:

Thanks for the review! I actually like this one a bit, so I will probably do a more refined version of it. I'll take what you said into consideration when I'm working on it, thanks again!

Zim Zim

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Pretty solid drawing here, great emotion in the eyes and face, the body could have a more dramatic line of action though and angling the head up more would benefit selling the pain he's feeling being zapped. Expanding on the line of action: right now it is very vertical when you break it down to the single line, shoot for diagonal lines - the more extreme the better. Vertical and horizontal are resting positions so they are very boring; even simply rotating zim clockwise a couple degrees will make the pose feel much more dynamic and intense.
This is pretty well rendered with a nice pallet on all the respective parts of zim, but they aren't doing much to sell him being zapped. The lightning is encompassing him so the highlights would surround him on all sides and get darker when going ink inward (when e look at it from the 2D plane anyway). I think your highlights could be more intense and maybe tinged blue on Zim instead of yellow. All in all I do like the colors you've chosen, they just don't agree so we'll with the lighting.
Last point and this is huge. If you walk away from this review with nothing else take this with you: that background style has never and will never work. You're better off just leaving the background white than duplicating the image you drew and making it bigger, offset and transparent. Doing that looks and is lazy and anybody with a developed sense of design and art will not like it. A better way to do that old be to take the silhouettes and make them a singly complimentary color and make it seem like a shadow or something, experiment with it.

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mannyzworld responds:

WOW!!!! Thanks for all the pointers, I really appreciate you taking the time to give me some feed back!!!!

I agree with you a hundred percent, on the lines, its something that i need to work on. I also need to break out of the realistic mentality. What i mean by this is that i used to love taking a more realistic approach to drawing but became a bit bored with it since i get enough of that in real life :]. I enjoy a cartoon approach because you can break away nd do essentially anything [at least that's what i think]. However i am still struggling to be able to push those boundaries but still have the piece make since.

I struggled with the lightning because i didn't want to take away from the color, i didn't just want to put a blue solid color and then bring down the opacity because it looked like the brightness of the color went away. But i like your in put some bright blue highlights would have sold it and not taken away from the colors.

I will look into the silhouettes idea as well.

Again thanks for the input its much appreciated!!!

1k fans cocktail special 1k fans cocktail special

Rated 5 / 5 stars

U GO GURL!!!!!!